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Make up Training 2nd Day


Make up Training 2nd Day

On the Make up Training second day, we make a quick introduction, we start directly with the make-up application.

We can say that it is the same makeup that was done and shown the previous day. Of course, the 2nd day is very prone to technical errors. Sometimes we can even clean the face and try it from the beginning because we can’t get the results we want. This is a very normal situation for us.

Because for the first time, you are trying to do a make-up with the technique shown to you and with professional make-up brushes in your hand, not freely.

It is very important not to be disappointed as a result. If you think that this is a normal situation without being demoralized, you will succeed.
We move on to other days to do a complete make-up. We will try the same make-up that we tried today, on the 4th day.

You will improve as you learn new information. This is a job you can learn by making mistakes.

We write this because we constantly observe it.

On the first day , the technical explanations are too much , trying to memorize the brushes and the products respectively , can tire the participants a bit .

But even if it is tiring and boring, we can say that the first day and the second day are the most important days.
Therefore , attending the program on time and arriving with a clear mind , not sleepy , will enable you to learn better .

If your mind is not clear and you cannot concentrate, it is difficult to get high efficiency.

Already standing for a long time will force you extra.

Today’s makeup takes an average of 4 hours.

Literally triple headlight system Classic eye make-up and skin make-up application.

3 different colors on the eye ( you can work with two colors ) headlight application , eyeliner , false eyelashes , painting the eyebrows in accordance with the face and skin color of the model , contouring and lightening on the face , powdering , blush and highliter application , lip shaping , top up with pencil and lipstick .

On other days, the skin make-up is the same, but the style, colors and brushes of the eye make-up change.

Stay tuned to read the other days.

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